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Explanations of Rules:

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Stakes & Boundary Fences


This week we will look at Hazard Stakes, O.O.B Stakes & course indicator signs & what happens if you are close to the boundary fence. Again our local rules allow for one club length preferred lie at Marina Hills, but this information is handy if playing in tournaments on other courses

You stand on the tee and hit it right into the tree line. When you get to your ball it is next to one of the Hazard stakes. Do you get relief?

Well that depends if you are in the hazard or out of the hazard.

 Figure 1 shows a ball in the hazard next to the stake. The stake is clearly interfering with the players swing, but because the ball is in the hazard there is no relief in this situation from the stake and the player must continue play under rule 26.


Figure 2 shows a ball in a similar position to a hazard stake, but this time the ball is outside the hazard. In this case the stake is classed as an immovable obstruction and since it interferes with the playerís backswing the player may take relief under rule 24.2


 Out of Bounds stakes have other issues. Letís say you slice your tee shot off the  tee and you think that it could be O.O.B. The first thing you must do is hit a provisional ball if you think it may be O.O.B. When you get to the ball you find the ball is still in bounds but the Out of Bounds stake is interfering with your back swing, Do you get relief.

NO: Stakes identifying O.O.B are not obstructions and are deemed to be fixed. So if your ball came to rest as in fig 3 while you were playing the hole you would receive no relief. 

A boundary fence is also fixed which means that if your ball ends up near the boundary fence as in Fig 4, the ball must be played as it lies or you could take an unplayable and proceed under rule 28.





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